Tabla Rasa is a quarterly publication of contemporary photography that disseminates the work of photographers from Uruguay and Latin America locally and internationally. We created publications in close collaboration with the authors, in a lightweight format and at an affordable price, revaluing printed art, collector's publications and national editorial production. TR is a project devised by Estudio Blende, selected in 2019 by the Grant Fund for Culture 2019 of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) within the category of Editorial projects.Its design seeks to give full visibility to the photographs and summarize the information on a single page with two blocks of text and the logo of each volume.
        The identity of the project is applied to the packaging on a label, leaving the cover of each issue with a full photograph without graphic elements or text. The publication is printed in black and silver duotone offset on bond paper. Each issue presents an author's series and all the photographs were specially edited to generate unity in each volume.

Category: Poster
Paper: Blue Back Satin 90 g/m²
Typeface: Cinetype Regular (Grilli Type)
Mock up: The Templates Agency
Edition: 50 copies numbered
Year: 2020

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