Sofía Castro is a dancer and a choreographer based in Stockholm. She was born and raised in Sweden to Uruguayan parents. She has been connected to dance since early childhood, where she was training classical dance, ballet and theatre.
    She has explored various dance styles while studying in several schools in Stockholm and at the Dance Institute of Havana, Cuba. Later, she settled in Seville where she delved into the Flamenco art form. Her training in diverse artistic expressions establishes the basis from which she builds her own expressive universe, introducing personal investigations and figures. Her career is guided by the exploration, collaboration and fusion of the different styles and boundaries of art. The artistic practice and the cooperation projects in which she participates, bring out the relevance of the creative meeting between the different branches of art. Her work has been presented both on the traditional flamenco scene and the contemporary art scene.

Category: Identity and web design
Design and development: Estudio Blende
Typefaces: Aperçu / Aperçu Mono (Colophon)
Year: 2021

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