we are a graphic design and visual communication studio founded in 2017 by erika bernhardt and juan fielitz based in montevideo, uruguay. our work methodology focuses on typographic research and care in all stages of the design process. we work locally and internationally with visual artists, architects, art galleries, designers, photographers, and cultural institutions. we have a team of specialized collaborators that allow us to develop different scales projects: web developers, typographers, printing technicians, producers, translators and editors. We offer services in art direction, graphic design, editorial design, web design, photography, editing and printing assistance. we create identity systems, books, catalogs, websites, exhibitions and digital presence.

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art direction
editorial design
identity systems

working hours:
11.00  TO 19.00 H
saturday and sunday rest

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montevideo, uruguay 

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erika bernhardt (1983)
graphic designer, partner and co-founder graduated in visual arts from the national school of fine arts, udelar. In 2014 and 2015 she took postgraduate courses in photography and audio-visual communication at blank paper school of photography in madrid, spain. since 2016 she teaches at the school of architecture, design and urbanism-udelar, in the project area of the degree in visual communication design.
awards and scholarships:
fefca grant, 2017
uruguayan photography award (cdf/mec), 2019
juan fielitz (1990)
graphic designer, partner and co-founder. as a visual artist he has participated in solo and group exhibitions since 2015 in Uruguay, chile, spain, italy, germany and belgium. he has been a part of publications and editorial projects in uruguay, germany, belgium, the netherlands and japan. he currently teaches design in the visual arts degree at the universidad católica del uruguay-UCU.
awards and scholarships:
emerging designers award, cultural centre of spain in montevideo (cce), 2014
photobook uy award, montevideo photography center (cdf), 2019
fefca grant, 2019