Ellas Juegan is a sports exchange project between Germany and Uruguay for the promotion of women’s football. The Project arose from the signing of the agreement between the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Sports Secretariat of Uruguay, and is implemented by the DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation). Knut Auf dem Berge (Director of the #EllasJuegan Project) asked us for a simple and practical design that would communicate the experience of the visit of the German National University Women’s Football Team to Uruguay. The result was a fold-out print dividing the information on each spread. For the design of the cover we applied the Karla typography, generating a linear structure that conveys the idea of the designs of football tactic boards.

Category: Identity, Editorial
Case Study Photography: Erika Bernhardt
Editor: Knut Auf dem Berge
Production: Florencia Arbiza
Size: DIN A3
Typeface: Karla Regular (Google Fonts)
Year: 2017

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